Stepping Stones Care has commissioned Hiraeth Services Ltd., as their independent service provider of therapy, education, training and team building. Hiraeth works in partnership with Stepping Stones Care in their residential homes in the delivery of highly accessible and effective therapy services for looked after children offering advice and support to the staff group in their work with young people.

  • Hiraeth’s therapeutic interventions are specifically designed for disadvantaged or traumatised young people who may have suffered abusive relationships and insecure attachments in the past.
  • Hiraeth does not work in isolation but works systemically and leads multi-agency protocols that develop a web of consistent therapeutic support and empathy alongside the therapeutic treatment.
  • When therapeutic support is sufficient to contain a young person’s growth for the long term, therapeutic treatment is withdrawn. This is Hiraeth’s Productivity Plan and commitment to social inclusion.
  • Hiraeth’s Strategy for Emotional Well-being for the young people and the staff / professionals who support the development of these young people.
  • Founder and Director, Martin Cope has extensive experience of working within residential care settings for young people, specifically within the Therapeutic Community and Planned Environment Therapeutic Intervention Models.
  • Specialises in the successful integration of care, education and therapy within residential placements for looked after children. Since inauguration in 2007, Hiraeth has consistently achieved nothing short of 100% accessibility for its therapeutic interventions across residential care, social service and youth service provision within Mid and South Wales. We are very proud of this as young people who are so often highly avoidant and resistant to therapeutic interventions want to attend our sessions.
  • Integrated therapy services are complemented by innovative education, training and team building services that help to consolidate the consistent and informed approach to the holistic learning and development needs of looked after children.

Martin Cope
Martin is the Founder and Managing / Clinical Director of Hiraeth Services Ltd –
He is a therapy advisor to the Welsh Assembly Government (Welsh Therapies Advisory Committee); the Welsh Representative for the British Association of Dramatherapists and; the Dramatherapy Representative for the All Wales Network Committee for Arts Therapies Professions.
Martin continues to develop Circus, Narrative, Ecopsychological, Integrative and Multi-Agency approaches to therapy, education, training and team building.


“The training will remain in my memory for its unique approach and refreshing style.”

“Electric, the most inspiring and fun part of my journey.”

“Fantastic inclusive approach.”

“Challenging but achievable.”

“Inspired me to have a go and improve my own skills in working with people.”

“I learned for myself the secret of inspiring others.” Fuelling Human Development

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy


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Stepping Stones has been awarded Tier 1 status on the South and Mid Wales 4C's Framework awarded Tier 1 status
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